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Trina's Kids Foundation 7th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

This holiday season Plates by Lisa partnered with Trina's Kids Foundation for the 7th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

It was a day of gratitude + giving benefitting over 350 families in need at Hubble Studio in DTLA. The studio space decked out in cozy holiday details had Thanksgiving essentials complete with a turkey for each family and over 8,000 lbs. of fresh produce. Parents, grandparents and kids lined up to "shop" and take home food for their loved ones. After guests made their way filling carts with heaping amounts of supplies, they went outside where they were greeted with smiles + the sweet smell of honey baked ham.

The Plates by Lisa team of dazzling volunteers served up a warm Thanksgiving feast. On the holiday menu was 80 lbs. of honey baked ham, 100 lbs. of creamy mashed potatoes, 33 lbs. of green beans and 24 apple + pumpkin pies garnished with gold glitter and topped off with whipped cream.

Each plate was filled and finished off with sweet dessert as the Plates by Lisa team served up holiday goodness with warmth + joy. A nourished community was full of gratitude as families gathered together for the warm meal enjoyed by all generations.

Community + connection are pillars of Plates by Lisa. There was a moment of sweet embrace with Chef Lisa and a TKF abuela, with smiles from ear to ear and tears of love + joy in both their eyes. These two have formed a special bond over the years. Chef Lisa expressed, "This women is so special, I carry her in my heart with the lessons she's taught me of compassion, selflessness and love. She is one of the best humans I've met". With a twinkle in her eyes, Chef Lisa and the Plates by Lisa team lit up Hubble Studios with sparklers + merriment to end the night.

Plates by Lisa is a proud partner of Trina's Kids Foundation. A big thanks to founder Vince Ricci and event producer Karla Ricci for creating such a special event to make a difference. Another dose of gratitude for all the local businesses that came together to benefit the community.

To get involved or donate visit

Check out the event highlights:

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