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Bach Best Friend x Cabana Boys

Elevate your bachelorette experience by adding the Cabana Boys into the mix. Bach Best Friend is partnering up with Cabana Boys in Palm Springs and beyond to bring your BBF package to the next level! These brunch boys are known to serve up some serious hot + spicy vibes, the perfect addition to your epic celebration!

Cabana Boys offer quality butler + party hosting services that will turn any event into an unforgettable adventure! The boys will arrive bringing speakers, tons of fun game ideas + surprises for the guest of honor and the rest of the bride tribe to really pump up the party. You can even hand-pick your cutie, because you know we're all about that customized menu!

As Bach Best Friend is kickstarting your day off with a glamorous menu + antioxidant smoothies, your boozy brunch cocktails will best be served by the Cabana Boys, who will make sure your day stays extra delicious. Let´s get you ready for an iconic celebration with your bride tribe!

Book the Cabana Boys here:

Use Promo Code: bachbestfriend to receive your $25 discount!

Can´t wait to celebrate you, babe!

With love + sparkle,

Your BBF (Bach Best Friend)

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