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Welcome 2024 with a trip to the Farmers Market!

2024 is your year! Wellness looks like incorporating healthy and balanced choices into your routine. Refresh it by trying a new outdoor activity, making sustainable choices for your community, picking out your own food and connecting with likeminded humans along the way. This is your invite to check out your Local Farmers' Market!

All throughout you will find that Los Angeles has a series of amazing Farmers Markets. Packed with incredible selections of organic + local foods that are not only nutritious but oh so delicious! The Farmers Market has become Chef Lisa´s second home and is a pillar in the foundation of every event. Prior to every single event, big or small, you will find her wandering around the markets to make sure she finds the absolute best seasonal + farm-fresh produce to elevate the clients' food experience.

Have you ever seen Red Walnuts? Check out this unique selection from K&K Ranch.

Chef tip: Put some whole persimmons or satsumas with their leaves on your next charcuterie board for a vibrant pop of color!

Looking to eat less meat this year? Grab some tempeh at Dave's Gourmet Korean Food from our favorite ray of sunshine Eric. This protein alternative can be eaten on its own, added to a salad or in stirfry.

Get your morning caffeine fix from Little Lamb Coffee. This female owned coffee truck is parked on Selma in between Cahuenga and Ivar. Say hi to the shop owner Ryan and order up your delicious morning jolt to sip with happiness. Chef Lisa's favorite is the iced matcha with oat milk and elderflower or mint.

Make the Farmers Market a part of your own routine too! Spend your Sunday mornings taking an outing in the LA sunshine to pick up your own fruit and veggies for the weeks meal prep. Prioritizing self care by adding micro changes to your food regiment can make a significant difference to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. You are what you eat.

Plates by Lisa´s Favorite Hot Spots:

Plates by Lisa is proud to support local businesses creating sustainability in the community.

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Farmers Market Vendors:

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