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Take your Bachelorette Party to the Next Level!

Another iconic bachelorette party with Bach Best Friend in Palm Springs! This time to celebrate Allisson, the beautiful bride to be. This group of fabulous Miami women not only parties in style, but with some serious gusto!

The BBF babes once again brought the magic + served some epic vibes. The tables were decked out with colorful tropical flower arrangements, matching candle holders + chargers which complimented the Glam + Glitz Sex And The City theme. The Tropic Chic package was all customized by the legendary babe The Sweetzer Life.

On the menu for the day was a babe style brunch menu serving up: avocado toast, turkey bacon, breakfast potatoes + rosemary, seasonal fruit and a customized omelette bar where the ladies could order their eggs on demand! To accompany the delicious food, watermelon juice was freshly squeezed, green tea + tequila shots were poured and Spicy Wifey Margaritas was shak’n up by the BBF bartender.

Mid brunch the bride tribe brought out card board cut outs with the brides' husband to be face printed on and the most original drinking games was about to take place.

During a hilarious hot dog toss game documented in slo-mo + reggaeton blasting throughout the house the afternoon entertainment from Exotic Tonight entered the building. A bachelorette classic with a surprise, appearance by a 'policeman' and 'fireman' turned up the heat. With a full dance routine for ALL of the ladies + $ingles flying across the room, this fiesta escalated quickly with all the girls hollering for an epic bachelorette experience!

After the show the party continued with cocktails + dancing by the pool serving HOT pool party vibes!

And just like that...

You can take the party girls out of Miami, but you can't take Miami out of the party girls.

Another certified bachelorette party for the books. Hands down best Bach Ever!!!

For the Brunch Babes:

Avocado Toast

Breakfast Potatoes with Rosemary

Turkey Bacon

Omelette Bar

Seasonal Fruit

BBF Bar:

Watermelon Juice - freshly squeezed

Green Tea + Tequila Shots

Spicy Wifey Margaritas

Maid of Dishonor Mojitos

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