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Alpenglow Festival 2023

When music, event production and great vibes collide. This time under the beautiful Montana sky. Alpenglow festival (presented by Ponderosa Social Club) is known for it´s connection to the community, keeping the local roots and culture alive through music + movement as they seek to create a shared experience where lasting memories make themselves. The Chief Vibe Curator, Lisa was in Big Sky country to bring ALL the VIBES. She produced out the the VIP spaces for 406 Agave, was the point person for curating the vibes for The Agency and the artists go to girl for elevating their experience before, during and after their performances. As the festival Vibe Curator, Lisa made sure the foundation was set so the connection between the events internal team and the vibe of the festival was perfectly in sync.

Naturally enough there was no limit on fringe, cowboy hats nor denim in Bozeman, Montana. Swing dancing was quite literally in full swing to all genres at the festival and line dancing got everyone on their feet shakin' up the dance floor in cowboy boots. To make sure this weekend was nothing short but epic, artists like Pop Duo Frenship, Indie-Electronic Duo Forester, Kid Kentucky and DJ Jenn,+ Juice performed and filled Alpenglow with mesmerizing energy!

Follow Alpenglow for next year's lineup and to get immersed in Big Sky Country's hottest new music festival.

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Big thanks to all the partners and vendors:

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