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Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree | Bring a Personal Chef to the Desert

Plates by Lisa is redefining dining in the desert!

Celebrate a holiday in Joshua Tree with a curated food experience + enjoy a seven-hour dinner party with never-ending food + quality time with the ones you love.

This Thanksgiving, Chef Lisa joined a lovely family in Joshua Tree for their holiday reunion. The warmth of this group, paired with Chef Lisa’s Paella menu, created a beautiful + leisurely dining experience for all.

The evening began with an exquisite Joshua Tree sunset. As the wine was poured, a colorful vegetable crudités + appetizer platter was served, igniting appetites + meaningful conversation.

The family continued to relax as Chef Lisa prepared the main course, a seafood Paella that would take guests’ palates to Spain.

With the aroma of Paella filling the home, guests made their way to the beautiful desert chic tablescape, accented with freshly picked rosemary, for their family-style dinner. A perfect setting for authentic Spanish cuisine, Mediterranean sides + family laughter over dad’s spot-on impersonations.

After a delicious meal, the family settled in for the evening + observed the remarkable Joshua Tree night sky. As Chef Lisa knows, nothing goes better with stargazing than a cheese and chocolate board featuring a family favorite, Taza Chocolate!

Joshua Tree Family Reunion ‘Plates by Lisa’ Menu:

  • Appetizers | Spinach + Artichoke Dip + Mediterranean Hummus + Vegetable Crudités + Homemade Meatballs

  • Main Course | Seafood Paella + Wild Arugula w/ Fire Roasted Artichokes + Eggplant, Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil + Balsamic, Harissa Roasted Root Vegetables + Za’atar Cauliflower w/ Tahini

  • Dessert | Seasonal Fruit, Cheese + Chocolate Board ft. Taza Chocolate

Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree was an unforgettable night that left this family saying, “You made for such a special reunion and we’ll be talking about it for years to come!”

Plan your very own desert getaway with ease as Chef Lisa elevates your staycation with personalized, farm-to-table meals creating a home away from home.

Inquire today for your very own Joshua Tree ‘desert chic’ experience.

Vegetable Crudités + Appetizer Platter
Tablescape perfect for a desert soirée

The desert chic tablescape ft. Seafood Paella

Tablescape ft. harvested fresh rosemary

Main Course | Seafood Paella

Custom menus + terracotta glasses

Dining table ft. Mediterranean sides

Table setting + custom menus

Seasonal Fruit, Cheese + Chocolate Board ft. Taza Chocolate

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